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Your success depends on the quality of your team. Our mission is to tirelessly identify exceptional individuals from all backgrounds and ethnicities that are uniquely and individually sourced for every role.

Empowering Your Business Growth Through Exceptional People

Trusted by companies across a variety of industries

    • Deutsche Bank
    • Ernst & Young
    • Sundance TV
    • TP ICAP
    • State Street
    • Weill Cornell Medicine
    • Instinet
    • Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield
    • Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
    • Lincoln Center
    • Take2
    • Columbia University
    • Northwell Health
    • ICE
    • JP Morgan
    • The Hartford
    • Fresh Direct


Client recommendations outlining our continued and consistent performance

    • Brian has proved time and again that he "gets it". His core strength is engaging in meaningful conversation to adequately understand my needs, and then act on them with consistently positive results. The value that he provides to me as a hiring manager is incalculable.

      Jason Zuena
      Global Transaction Banking, Deutsche Bank
    • I’ve known Brian since 2001. He and his team understand technology and most importantly understand people. Brian is a charismatic and consummate professional who I can fully recommend for senior level Search and Selection assignments. Through his hard work and expertise, Brian has been one of those rare recruiters that has proven time and again he really understands corporate culture, how to navigate it and how to succeed and win! Bottom line - ask him for a quarterback, he’ll line up Aaron Rogers and Drew Brees!

      Latif Khan
      VP of Sales & Marketing, Trident Bubble Technologies
    • Brian is an exceptional recruiter, who truly cares about the people he works with when filling roles - both from a company and new hire standpoint. He is a highly respected and a much sought after expert. His incredible depth and knowledge can be seen immediately, and his relationships do not stop after job placement. My organization in particular has used, and continues to use Brian exclusively for our in-depth skilled and high level positions.

      Jodi Ventriglia
      Director of Operations at Broadridge
    • Brian is an extremely talented recruiter, knows his business, and just plain "gets it". His endless network of well-built relationships makes Brian an immeasurable resource for those looking to advance their careers and for hiring managers searching for qualified candidates.

      Jeffrey Soule
      Executive Director » Global Compensation Instinet Corporation
    • Brian has helped me find talented, dedicated, conscientious prospective candidates to fill out a team that was newly formed at my company. I have never been disappointed with a candidate that Brian recommended for a position. Sure, we haven't hired them all, but he has never put forth someone that wasn't a good potential fit, and routinely when we don't choose his candidate is because we hired a different candidate he also recommended for the same role.

      Gerard Hanshe, Esq.
      COO at Voyager
    • I couldn’t say more about Brian as a professional and as a person. In his work he is savvy, knowledgeable, experienced, and all around great to work with. He is not just trying to place a role or make a sale. Brian is thoughtful in his work and wants to make sure his placements make sense for both the candidate and the organization. If you have the opportunity to work with Brian, do it! You will not be disappointed!

      Brian Kimbiz
      Associate Director, People Systems and People Data

Our Process

No two searches, clients or candidates are alike, but Accurate Staffing Solutions has created a search process that provides consistently superior results for our clients. Here’s how we do it:

1. Client Interview
We work hard to understand our client's organization – its history, culture, operations and needs – and the scope of the assignment. We define each assignment clearly including the timing, fees and salary range.
2. Research & Sourcing
Begins when both Accurate Staffing Solutions and our client agree upon the specific definition of the position and the attributes of the desired candidate. We review our data sources, including our proprietary database, and analyze target industries. We also initiate confidential discussions with sources of candidates at this stage.
3. Interview & Evaluation
This phase takes place after our research and sourcing efforts locate the inital round of candidates. We interview each one, determine their level of interest, and evaluate their qualifications and personal suitability for the hiring organization and the available role.
4. Resume Submission
Resumes are submitted to the client only for the most qualified, perfectly suited candidates for the position.
5. Client Interviews & Assessment
At this point, it's time to arrange meetings between clients and candidates, and help our clients evaluate the outcome of each meeting. This includes answering questions that may arise, as well as arranging subsequent meeting if necessary.
6. The Offer
Once a client chooses a perfect match and extends an offer, Accurate Staffing Solutions helps with the final steps of the process. We will conduct follow-up conversations with the candidate to ensure that the challenge presented to them is both interesting and completely understood. We feel that a motivated employee – from staff accountant to CIO – is a productive, successful and long-term employee.

Practice Areas

Our team of search professionals have a sound foundation based on real industry knowledge, and we truly understand the ever-changing environment of today's marketplace - and the diverse needs of our clients. As a privately held firm, we have relatively few "off-limits" constraints and the capacity to draw on functional experts from almost any imaginable area to field the best possible team for any particular assignment.

Why Accurate

With decades of business leadership experience, our selection process yields extremely high-quality hires that stand the test of time by outperforming their peer group with high promotion rates and very low turnover, resulting in a lower total cost of hire than almost any other source.

Exceptional Talent Standard

Our business leadership experience enables us to carefully choose exceptional, highly qualified overachievers who possess both a passion for the work and compassion for others.

Speed of Hire

Focused, diligent, and exhaustive interviewing to place all-stars, typically within the initial 7-10 days. Lost productivity is a burden on any business, and we comprehend the urgency of promptly seating the right person.

Cost-Efficient Hiring Solutions

Surpassing industry promotion benchmarks, maintaining remarkably low turnover, and usually finalizing offers after just 3-4 candidate meetings contribute to a highly economical hiring strategy.

Our Results

We consistently select winners who exceed expectations, as measured and tracked by our clients.

  • Strength of character and staying power to work through challenges
  • Achieve promotions faster than the average employee
  • Low turnover
  • High degree of employee satisfaction
  • Significantly lower total cost of hire